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Ian Latinette 2 contributions 7m ago ·   1
in topic: # agriculture and meat
Abolish grain-fed [luxury] livestock


From one ecologist's perspective, the American system of farming grain-fed livestock consumes resources far out of proportion to the yield, accelerates soil erosion, affects world food supply and will be changing in the future.

BramG 38 contributions 7m ago ·  
in topic: # renewable energy
(article on offshore wind projects 2022)


Ireland Moves a Step Closer to Energy Independence

Ava JS 11 contributions 7m ago ·   1
in topic: # Lobbying
Stop Climate Chaos previously organised TD lobbying actions ... would be interesting to know if they plan to do more in 2022 ??


Zooming to Zero Pollution Join Ireland’s biggest online TD Lobby for Faster and Fairer Climate Action! Talking to your TDs is a powerful way to act on the climate crisis and right now there is so …

Ava JS 11 contributions 7m ago ·  
in topic: # Lobbying
i added the lobbying topic. feel free to add more content here!!!
Ben97 8 contributions 7m ago ·  
in topic: # clean transportation
Ireland's aim is a ban on gas car sales from 2030 on. Which is definitely a start. 2025 would be better though - if Sweden can do it, so can Ireland ;)


The 2030 vehicle sales ban is among 180 measures in the government's new plan to reduce emissions.

Ben97 8 contributions 7m ago ·  
in topic: # clean transportation
Well, at least a step in the right direction!


It takes the EU a step closer to its goal of cutting emissions from new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles by 100% in 2035.

BramG 38 contributions 7m ago ·   1
Great action by Extinction Rebellion, on the Irish Times news


Irish Wildlife Trust and Extinction Rebellion Ireland have protested at the National Biodiversity Conference 2022 in Dublin Castle.

777 Liam 777 4 contributions 8m ago ·  
in topic: # Organisations
cool website. i added an article about XR/ extinction rebellion ... thought it was missing ;)
BramG 38 contributions 8m ago ·  
in topic: # Organisations
I added the Fridays for future article. I hope someone else will expand it a bit more :)
Ian Latinette 2 contributions 8m ago ·  
please i am looking for community for the uncertain future, please look me up on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ian.latinette/
BramG 38 contributions 8m ago ·   1
in topic: # Organisations
Are you part of a climate organisation? Please contribute by adding it as an article or posting a link as a comment! Thanks :)
Ben97 8 contributions 8m ago ·  
Hi All! We need your help to expand the site. After logging in, you can add articles and topics. You're the best!
Ava JS 11 contributions 8m ago ·  
in topic: # cleaner industry
More information on the carbon footprint of industry.


Ben97 8 contributions 8m ago ·  
in topic: # Climate psychology
A great example of victim blaming: the UN suggesting that the best ways to act on climate change are 'adapting your own lifestyle'. But definitely don't question the responsibilities of politics, industry and fossil fuel industry *ahem *ahem.


ActNow is the United Nations’ global call to individual action on climate change. The campaign is a critical part of the UN’s coordinated effort to raise awareness, ambition, and action for climate change and accelerate implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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